Behind the lens

Hello there!

So, since you're here I take it you'd like to know more about me. Ok, then picture a regular guy, 36 years old, with a beard, born and raised in France, who traveled a bit around the world, lived in the Netherlands for about 4 years and is now living in Germany. Done? Well, that's me!

Professionally I write thousands of lines of code on a weekly basis for software or web applications, which is something I enjoy a lot! Yes, for real! I do! Don't judge me!!

Now, about photography, because that's why you're here I believe... or if you were looking for a tiramisu recipe you came to the wrong place! Also I don't like tiramisu, I like coffee but not stuff made with coffee, same with coco, I love coconuts but products made from coco, no way! But I digress, back to photography!

I always loved traveling, seeing new places, meeting cultures and people, learning a handful of words in a foreign language, living an adventure. And for me, photography is just the cherry on top of the cake if I can bring back home and print a couple of pictures.

To finish, I'll be quick... I like (not in order of preference): swimming, diving, surfing, hiking, Asian food, cinema and ridiculous zombie/gore movies, metal music, but also electro swing and classical music, motorcycles, my motorcycle, my car (because it has red leather and that's awesome!), standing quiet in forests for hours listening to the little noises or watching ants... list non exhaustive. I also dislike: cooking, doing groceries, shopping, crowds and loud people in general, mosquitoes, and tiramisu of course... also, list non exhaustive.

Well, that's it! Thank you for reading me, and thank you for visiting this blog.

Sincerely yours, Amicalement, met vriendelijke groeten, mit Freundeliche Grüßen,

Sylvain Perenes

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