In Bali (Indonesia), the Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana or Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a popular tourist attraction in Ubud housing more than 600 crab-eating macaques. Due to the large amount of tourists (10.000 per month) the monkeys lost the fear of humans and are not afraid to come around you, on you, steal from your bags or pockets in search for food. Those monkeys can be very aggressive and numerous tourists are bitten every day (while I was visiting, I saw 2 tourists bitten, softly, but bitten nonetheless!). The park is best visited early in the morning, less tourists, and the monkeys are not too aggressive yet. Remove your glasses/sunglasses, close your backpack, empty your pockets, attach your camera to your wrist, and also refrain from buying bananas except if having 3 to 4 aggressive monkeys fighting around you to get the food is not a problem for you…

  • Canon EOS 40D
  • 200mm
  • f/4
  • 1/250s
  • iso 500
  • Sep 21, 2013 - 09:25

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